Three After-Dinner Pieces

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Islands (Ynysoedd) 

The Cat on the Dovrefjell

Digital Dust

Digital Dust 

Nothing and Everything 

A Dream Of Men 

Y Deildy 

On Harrowdown Hill  

Cloc Ar Y Dwr  

When All My Five And Country Senses See

So Morning Finds Me 

The 20th Season – what is a voyage? 

The 20th Season – timelessly

The 20th Season – D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y

The 20th Season – time is a tree


  1. Digital Dust is brilliant! I heard it for the first time last night. How can I buy/download it?

    Andy Giles

  2. Hey jack! Just checking in – Loved your work on Stuck in the mud. My brother went to see it yesterday and loved it too. Listening to your amazing stuff whilst I work this morning.

    • Hi Andy, thanks for leaving your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed
      Stuck In The Mud. You can download the music to the production on the commercial music tab above if you like. Looking forward to seeing it in Cardiff next week!

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