Cinderella revived!


On May 11th and 12th Ballet Cymru will be performing a new ballet to my score for Cinderella.  I have been working on a version with live instruments and also revising the version which will accompany the company on their national tour (see for a complete list of dates and venues).  With a new set and costumes I am very much looking forward to seeing the production and working with the musicians on the night!

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  1. Saw Cinderella at the Lichfiel Festival this evening and absolutely loved the music!! 🙂

    • Hi Clare, lovely to hear that. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. You can find the whole ballet on my username is jacknotchris. J:)

  2. Joanna Borrett

    I saw Cinderella at Stamford recently and I loved your music. I thought it added hugely to the expressiveness of the production.

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