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Celebrations at the Theatre!

A week yesterday the fine team at RCT were celebrating the centenary of the Park and Dare Theatre in Treorchy. It was very touching to hear the children performing in the theatre. Many parents were very emotional at the sight of their children performing on the stage. This is especially true some of the youngest children, many of whom would be three or four generations away from the miners who contributed to the building of the theatre in 1913. The piece was very well received by the audiences, and I felt a great sense of achievement after the final encores. So congratulations to all involved: the miners of 1913 would be amazingly proud of what you have achieved.20130314_201221

Western Mail Article Friday 8th March 2013

20130308_123238Today’s Western Mail Arts Sections includes a very nice article about the project and the history of the Park and Dare Theatre. It is the last rehearsal tonight before next week’s performances. Everyone is very excited about the project and it will be great to see some of our youngest performers taking steps on the stage for the very first time.

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